Webinar Series: Data Stack @ Wealthsimple

Mandy Gu, one of the first data scientists at Wealthsimple, will be sharing her experience, techniques, and tips around managing a data stack for a billion dollar company.

Join us on August 20, 2020.

With key insights from…

Mandy Gu

Data Scientist, Wealthsimple

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Mandy is a Data Scientist at Wealthsimple, a Canadian fintech company helping people achieve their financial freedoms. 

She works as a part of the data platform team responsible for maintaining the data pipelines and data warehouse, orchestrating reports using Airflow and developing end to end Machine Learning models. 

She spends much of her spare time working on her blog and website for aspiring data scientists.

About Mandy…

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About this webinar...

Join us for a conversation with Wealthsimple all-star Mandy Gu about Data Stack @ Wealthsimple. 

Wealthsimple is a Canadian Financial Technology (Fintech) company, which tries to make investing easier.

Mandy will tell us about the data pipelines at Wealthsimple and also her experience using Machine Learning techniques.