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Create simple, visual data pipelines with Xplenty to unlock your Salesforce data insights within minutes. 

Here's some of our top blog articles on Salesforce, including: data migration, data integration, Salesforce 101 and Heroku.

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Xplenty and Salesforce
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For current Salesforce users, Xplenty can be your native Salesforce data solution.

Salesforce Data Migration

Salesforce data migration

Xplenty gives you the bi-directional Salesforce ETL you’ve been looking for.

Salesforce Integration

Salesforce integration

Learn how Heroku Connect, Postgres, and Xplenty are the Salesforce integration tools you’ve been missing out on.

Salesforce and Heroku  

Salesforce and Heroku

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You can build Salesforce data pipelines with ease, using our native bi-directional Salesforce connector.

Xplenty Salesforce integration

Bi-directional Salesforce integration

Xplenty gives you the bi-directional Salesforce ETL connector you’ve been looking for. Unlike our competitors, our platform allows you to pull data from Salesforce and push data back into Salesforce.

Elastic, scalable platform

Remain focused on the data while Xplenty handles everything from deployments, monitoring, scheduling, security and maintenance.

Salesforce integration - we've got what you need:

Xplenty platform UI
You can implement a variety of data integration use cases, from simple replication to complex data preparation and transformation.

Drag-and-drop interface

Low-code solutions

Your whole data team can create data pipelines, because Xplenty is a low-code ETL tool meant for data engineers, analysts, and developers alike.
Improve efficiency
Ensure security
Increase productivity
Easily build data pipelines and save engineering hours by using our intuitive drag-and-drop UI.

Improve efficiency

Increase productivity

Reduce time investment and eliminate human errors by automating data processing.

Ensure security

Use our secure ETL software to integrate your data while being GDPR, CCPA, and SOC2 compliant.
Ask about our Field Level Encryption and 2FA for advanced security.
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