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Learn how to ETL your Salesforce data with these introductory articles.

Salesforce 101

"Obviously, for an organization of our size to move to Salesforce is considerable. Your support is amazing, and this is something that you cannot highlight enough." 

Matthew Brandt,  
Lead Digital Analyst at Bexio

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For current Salesforce users, Xplenty can be your native Salesforce data solution.

Salesforce Data Migration

“With Xplenty, everything is seamless and flexible. You actually enjoy doing data migration. In the past, it was a nightmare, and now you want to push data all the time, and it’s very cool."

Maxime Verger Del Bove,
oftware Engineer at Work4Labs

Xplenty gives you the bi-directional Salesforce ETL you’ve been looking for.

Salesforce Integration

"The biggest advantage is the speed of changes that we can do, the scalability, and the independence that it allows me." 
Shachar Avrahami
Success Operations Manager at Feedvisor

Learn how Heroku Postgres and Xplenty are the two Salesforce integration tools you’ve been missing out on.

Salesforce and Heroku  

"Running over very big queries, opening the stream, aggregating the vast amounts - with so many records - it's a heavy task. It's something that takes you a lot of time to develop. And Xplenty does all that for us, we just configure the package and run the cluster."
David Ilievsky
R&D Director at WalkMe

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